Project IGI PC Download

Project IGI PC Download

 Project IGI PC Download

I.G.I.  Covert Strike, in the PAL region and the name of Project I.G.I. connu. 2, is a new tactical video from 2003 developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Codemasters. The game is a game of furtif à la first personne. The plan of the Innerloops I.G.I. project suite. The original, published by Eidos Interactive, is a presentation of a solo game and also sauvegarde. Covert Strike ajouté of multiplayer games and options for sauvegarde de game limitées.

Chris Ryan, a former agent of the Special igi pc downlad game Air Service, was in contact with him when he was fired from Bravo Two Zero, a consultant for the game.The intrigue of the game implicates a general Chinese renegade, “Wu Xing”, as the main antagonist. Xing orchestra various events (tele que le vol à main armée du prototype technologique advanced de la Mafia Russe) pour livrer des armes à impulses électromagnétiques (EMP) à une fusée spatiale dont il a pris le control.Le game a été interdit en Chine après six mois de vente (après avoir passé les tests de censor avec une copy incomplète du jeu qui manquait les six derniers stufex de chinois content) car on pensait que cela ternirait l’image de l’armée chinoise .

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Project IGI PC Download Features

  • The Project IGI PC Download, an agent of the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence and an ehemaliger britischer SAS-Betreiber, came in the book of the Karpathians, a satz Prototyp-EMP-Chips from Bergen, d ‘a Russian group. The mafia created a high-tech company in the United States.
  • After HALO was infiltrated and a weather station was infiltrated, Holt Jones used Chip to do it. Die Forscher am  kommen nach genauerer Untersuchung zu dem Schluss, car il est bei dem von Jones Gefundenen Chip tatsächlich um a verbesserte Version des Chips handelt.
  • So I relied on my mission master (Phillip White, who hired Rebecca Anya), the remains of the EMP-Chips in the holes, but the -Forscher started to take over the Chips so that they could put operating systems for the Russians. The mafia oversees the actions taken for. Anschließend wird er in a Russian Lager transportiert, wo ein Konvoi mit den Chips eintreffen soll.
  • It is possible to use C4 springs at the connector and bridge, at the Konvoi passage, storage and chips at the distributor, which are also the Konvoi abfängt. Then there is another gray hat, if there is a Russian Project IGI zip PC Download Waffenproduktionsanlage transportiert, or if you don’t have the remaining EMP-Chips and your Blaupausen zu besorgen.
  • At that time, pilot Robert Quest and mission leader Phillip White will be present, and Jones’ EMP chips will also be available. Jones will be engaged, within the Hubschrauber zu springen, in their quest for transport, and will find if schließlich an den Grenzen of the Ukraine and the larger Romanians, which is gezwungen ist, of the Grenzpatrouillen auszuweichen announced, obwohl er schlecht ausgerüstet ist .

Project IGI PC Download Game Play

After leaving prison, David decides to return to the manoir to obtain information. Alors que David s’y rend, the engine of the truck in the lequel ils sont échappés tombe en breakdown. IGI Game PC DOWNLOAD ZIP DOWNLOADYou will be informed that the device penetrates the effect in the villa and deactivates the security system and contours the major guards. It also comes with a sound in the major key, which contains all the données on the transactions of Priboi with White.

Étonnamment, après beaucoup d’efforts et de nombreuses fusillades, Priboi découvre que le major Saïd a prize ses papiers dans la villa et jure ensuite avec colère de les reprendre. David appeals to the commands of the helicopter, which is located on the air base without being controlled by the major Saïd. Ils récupèrent the helicoptère without trop de conflicts et parviennent à abattre the major Saïd en pleine opposition dans l’une de ses bases pour récupérer les journaux.  Project IGI PC window download Returning to the villa, he returned to David to agree to David’s former missionary boss in the Port Bur Safaga en Egypt and to Robert Quest to deliver the aircraft in three days.

Sans hésitation, David se dirige vers le port, Project IGI PC Download a lui demande de retrouver le plan Enkrano et une boîte de puces EMP volées. During the course of the day to find the Enkranoplan, David discovers that Robert Quest and Phillip White coopéraient en fait avec un pays inconnu pour faire fonctionner les puces. It was confronted with his former pilot, who ordered his men from Jeter David to use the water with the water in use. David tends to be embroiled in the Quest and after a confrontation.

Il prend ensuite l’ekranoplan pour se diriger vers un pays inconnu, qui se révèle plus tard être les îles Spratly près de la Chine, où, selon Anya, des activités suspectes sont actuellement en cours. After a series of events, David discovers that he is the former chef de mission travaille secrètement with a Chinese general, but the discovery is also delayed by the general Wu.Plus tard, David retrouve son former director of mission Phillip White tué par le general Wu In the secret laboratories of Wu There is also a fire with Wu Xing and the devil.David retrace the ensemble of the site before just a large ramp of lancement de missiles fortement gardée, où Anya lui demande de deactivation of the system immediately before the lancement. Avec difficulté, David parvient alors à empêcher la fusée de se diriger vers sa cible programmée et d’exploser dans un endroit sûr.

Mission Operation

The game Project IGI  origanl version is divided into 19 missions. The story is presented in , shown before and after every mission, with animated characters rendered in real-time and pre-recorded speech. Missions have objectives that must be completed before the mission ends.Straightforward approaches are not encouraged, with stealthy and covert movement giving the player a better rating, rank and chance of survival, with the highest attainable ranking entitled ‘David Jones’.Multiple paths exist for every mission, with the most obvious and daunting being a noisy gunfight, because in every mission Jones is outnumbered. Every mission presents an opportunity for large groups of enemies to be bypassed or sneaked past, undiscovered. Certain missions even require entire operations to be carried out undetected.At the start of a new game, a  can be chosen, changing the number of bullets Jones takes before dying, the intelligence of the enemy and group , and the number of save-games available.

Cover Operation

Jones is equipped with , and  making him capable of forced entry into any locked room or safe, enabling noiseless and stealthy entry into restricted areas and buildings, and obtaining military secrets or private information, and objects. Remote-controlled  are also available for use on certain ground targets,Project Project IGI Download pc meaning large structures can be destroyed safely, from a distance, leaving Jones undetected. Air strikes can be called for on certain missions, using the  to pinpoint ground targets for bombing.

IGI pc download highly compressed Characters

  • IGI Team
  • David Jones
  • Rebecca Anya
  • Senator Pat Lenehan
  • Captain Harrison
  • Double Agents
  • Philip Weiss
  • Robert Quest
  • Unabhängig
  • Jack Priboi
  • Joseph Priboi
  • Sage Major Zalab
  • General Wu Xing

How To Install

First, you need to download IGI  Game installer setup file, so click on the download button and download the game for only 293MB.


Entre-temps, son ancien pilote and chef de mission s’était échappé, empportant with lui les puces et les plans EMP. The Project IGI Download pc orignal version is not about to be traced or found after the incident, but there is a sufficient amount of effort to observe and detail important in the fall of the years to Phillip White and Robert Quest to infiltrate the and gagner Leur confiance, et que White avait conclu plusieurs accords d’armes et militaires avec Jach Priboi en Libya. Anya revient en tant que chef de mission de Jones et Jones part pour la Libya sur ordre du sénateur Lenahan pour rechercher Priboi, d’âge moyen, qui avait été emprisonné par les services de renseignement Libyans alors qu’il fournissait des armes aux rebelles.

After David discovered the possession of Priboi, he was captured by the commander of the Libyan army, the major Zaleb Said. Les deux hommes sont ensuite transportés vers une prison Libya sous haute surveillance. Pendant of the transport, Priboi lui demande pourquoi il le retrouve. Jones responded to his former missionary boss Phillip White and the  said that White had a conclu des contrats d’armes avec lui. Priboi révèle alors qu’il a conclu de nombreux accords avec White et lui a vendu des équipements de pointe. The command from Priboi has an Ekranoplan russe de pointe, and the livery is monitored in a port maritime isolé du Golfe. The documents of the expedition were found in a house in the villa of Priboi, which is currently being recapitulated by the major Zaleb Said and is serving the base of operations.


The game was banned Project  PC Download in China after six months of sales (having passed censor inspection with an incomplete copy of the game that lacked the final six levels of Chinese content), because it was perceived to damage the Chinese army’s image.

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