PUBG: Battlegrounds (formerly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. The game, inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale (2000), is based on the mods previously created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games and a series of games that are autonomous in the creative direction of Greene. This is the first game of the PUBG Universe series.The game is played both in three people and in the first person. Dans le game, just like a centaine de joueurs parachutent sur une île où ils recherchent des armes et des équipements pour tuter d’autres joueurs sans se faire tutor. The zone of security is available on the card of the game in a diminutive manner with the temps, conduisant les survivors in an extra space and outside or is the producer of the forced rencontres.

Le dernier joueur (ou équipe) survives remporte la Manche.This was published for the premiere in Mars 2017 via the program before the Steam release for Windows, with a version completed in December 2017. The game was also published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One via the Xbox Game program Preview this month, officially published in September 2018. PUBG Mobile, a free mobile game version for Android and iOS, released in 2018, plus a portage for the PlayStation 4. A version for the streaming platform Stadia est sortie in April 2020 with versions Xbox Series X/S

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Le jeu a reçu des critiques positives de la part des critiques, qui ont que même si le jeuPUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game présentait quelques défauts techniques, il offer de new types de gameplay qui pouvaient être facilement appris par les joueurs de tous ebenex et avail une grande valeur de rejouabilité. On attribute to the popularization of the genre Battle Royale and, suite à son succès, a certain name of Chinese clones non-official ont également été products. The game has a number of additional nominations for the game of the year and a set of records in the Guinness world, with other names also being compensated.

PUBG Corporation organizes additional tours and introduces tools to the game to help diffuse the game to televisions, which is why it is a popular esports device. It is available for more than 75 million copies on PC and game consoles, and the video game is also available on PC and Xbox One, and the video game is also available for all ages. Currently, the game has a report of 13 billion dollars in the world, and compris the mobile version of the game plus the price of the game,


  • Brendan Greene’s game design and design was enhanced by the online name of PlayerUnknown, who created ARMA ,PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game a way to believe Mod DayZ and took inspiration from the Japanese film Battle Royale. dem Jahr  And since 2013, DayZ: Battle Royale has taken place, which has taken place in Ireland and has seen Greene now as a Photographer, Grafikdesigner and Webdesigner in Brazil and video games like Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and American Army.  The DayZ-Mod presents an interesting, realistic military simulation and offensive gameplay, at first, with a well-defined server and programming lessons.
  • Greene empfand the meisten Multiplayer-Ego-Shooter as zu eintönig, of the small card and easy to use. Er wollte etwas mit eher zufälligen Aspekten schaffen, damit die Spieler nicht wissen, was sie erwartet, and so a hohes Maß an Wiederspielbarkeit schaffen; Dies geschah durch die Erstellung wesentlich Karten, die sich nicht leicht merken ließen, et durch die zufällige Platzierung von Elementen darauf. Greene also created an online offering for Survivor GameZ-inspired DayZ names, with a revival of Twitch and YouTube streamers, up to our new article; Da er se kein Streamer war, wollte Greene un ähnlichen Spielmodus erstellen, den jder sielen konnte.
  • Seine anfänglichen Bemühungen and this Mod Waren one of the novels “Die Tribute von Panem” was inspired, in these games of chance, by a central group of a Waffenvorräte zu wetteifern, but we are also from avon abwichen, one of these games by the Verteilung von Waffen a better Über lebenschance zu geben, and also an Urheberrechtsprobleme mit den Romanen zu vermeiden.[11] Inspired by the PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game, the quadratische green security was created, but also in the battlefields of the Autumn War.
  • While DayZ has its own title, it interests the ARMA 2 version of Battle Royale mods and the green version of the mod integration in ARMA  Sony Online Entertainment (the Daybreak Game Company) is interested in green work and is handling the integration management of H1Z1 and the Battle-Royale idea of mine. As of February , Sony Online H1Z1 is available in two separate games, the advanced development mode H1Z1: Just Survive and the battle-royale H1Z1: King of the Kill, released in the spirit of the times, as well as the war phase of Greenes Beratungs.Since January  the Ginno Games studio has joined the Ginno Games studio in Seoul, under the leadership of Chang-han Kim, who launched massively multiplayer online games (MMO) for PC in January  a major South Korean company of MMOs, names and Bluehole Ginno Games.
  • umbenannt and Handyspiele. Kim is behind a production game in South Korea in the whole country, which is the most effective world, and the team has a unique title for PCs, the simplest model being this from Bluehole. mobile gaming. After that, DayZ played, the war was created by Davon, a Battle-Royale-Spiel zu entwickeln art, and although the format in Korea has not been designed now. This is also an early access model and another development plan that was designed to make the game as successful as possible, as the product was designed as a “Games as a Service” model which is a long term for the year. tzen zu können .
  • If it is sought, the war has been started, it is auf Greenes Mods et wandte sich an ihn. Bluehole became a partner of the Facebook social media platform, an exclusive streaming service for Facebook’s gaming channels, as well as your best services, in some of our best gaming offers.
  • Ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit, comme Greene Sony Online verließ, nahm Kim Kontakt zu ihm auf et bot ihm the Möglichkeit an, un nouveau PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game l’arbeiten. Innerhalb einer Woche flog Greene zum Hauptsitz von Bluehole in Korea, um the Options zu besprechen, et wurde einige Wochen später Kreativdirektor von Bluehole. And as in South Korea, the entwicklung zu überwachen. Laut Greene War dies originally, a Korean film studio in an Australian country for the role of hired creative directors, and her business dies at a risky risk, knowing that she is within the management of Bluehole Stark and of Team Greene, an autonomous team.supervision minimal.
  • The main musical theme of the chansons a young child by Tom Salta, and the chansons of the Verts on the young ones, and the equipment available in a «hybrid orchestra-electronical theme» tel que «the normal accumulation» and the «resolution» . This is why the game begins. The music of the 6th anniversary is composed by Antti Martikainen.The development was launched in 2016 and was published in July, with plans for the completion of the game.
  • Kim commencé en tant que producer exécutif du jeu. Bluehole has a team of 35 developers who are working on ecology, but also have 70 developers in  Greene declares that the developers have volunteered to work with them over a long period of time in the game and the reason for their commitment to the project, and not because of the instruction from the part or the cell of the direction of Bluehole. En plus de Bluehole, Greene remercie également Bohemia Interactive, développeur d’ARMA et DayZ, pour son aide dans l’animation par capture de motion via son studio de Prague.
  • To the person who is interested in the game, Bluehole discusses PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Gamewith Bluehole Ginno Games in September 2017 and with PUBG Corporation, and Kim is a renowned director general. PUBG Corporation created the content and the version of the game and dispose of a version solid and fiable of the son’s bureau aux États-Unis with the plans for future bureaux in Europe and Japan., PUBG Corporation launched the “Fix PUBG” campaign and then published it.
  • The game is sorted in 2018, but it is also a launch and a rencontré of other problems. The campaign ends in November and PUBG Corporation is in its final stages, with the main elements being used and added to the contents., Greene announced that he was the main designer of the game, but he continued to serve as a creative consultant. Tae-seok Jang, the artistic director of the game, the replacement and Green déménagerait au studio PUBG in Amsterdam, PUBG Special Projects. Greene explained that the principal team of PUBG is capable of developing the game in the direction of the game, which is unique in other games from the battle royale lancés, and can also choose.
  • De plus, pas de jeux de battle royale. bases on the multiplayer are available. This déménagement l’a également rapproché de sa famille en Irelande.With the success of PUBG, Bluehole a fondé Krafton en 2018 en tant que société holding pour ses acts et studios de jeux vidéo et a reçu des exemptions de publication pour PUBG et les jeux associés.  PUBG Corporation merged with its internal studio system, rejoining the PUBG Studios team.

Game Play

PUBG is a shooter type shooting game, among the players of aPUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game player, a large-scale shooting game, Last-Man-Standing-Deathmatch, with which the player tackles the game of the life. bleiben. Players can play the most interesting game in pairs, in pairs or in a small team of two people. Die letzte lebende Person oder Mannschaft gewinnt das Spiel. Jedes Spiel therefore begins with the game with the Fallschirm aus einem Flugzeug auf un der acht Karten springen, die unterschiedliche Größen und Gelände haben. Le Flugbahn des Flugzeugs über die Karte variiert mit jeder Runde, sodass die Spieler Schnell den besten Zeitpunkt für den Ausstieg und den Fallschirmsprung auf den Boden ermitteln müssen. Players start with a unique design on individual clothing, then seamlessly adapt to gameplay.

Nach der Landung können die Spieler Gebäude, Geisterstädte et al. Orte durchsuchen, um Waffen, Fahrzeuge, Rüstungen et al. Ausrüstung zu finden. These stages are devoted to the start of a procedural game on the green map, which is the best danger zone for better normal use. Get the game’s game when it comes to the next episode, and it’s the first time it’s gone.  Players can play, obscure to the Ego- or Third-Person-Perspektive games möchten, wobei jede ihre eigenen Vor- und Nachteile in Bezug auf Kampf et Situationsbewusstsein hat; Users can use specialized server solutions to use them, one all players in a two-wing perspective, one advantage for the needs.

Every minute the card game begins in the richnessPUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game of an orte zufälligen zu schrumpfen, wobei jeder Spieler, der außerhalb des sicheren Bereichs gefangen wird, schrittweise Schaden erleidet et schließlich eliminiert wird, wenn die sichere Zone nichtzeitig between wird; Im Spiel sees the Grenze player with a sparkling blue wand, which is sich mit der Zeit zusammenzieht.  Dies führt zu einer engeren Karte, was wiederum die Wahrscheinlichkeit von Begegnungen erhöht. When the game was released, the game of the card was distributed and bombarded, it was a bedrohung for the game that darstellt, it was in the same way that the game was released.

In both cases we have the last minute of the game and the time has come, so we have the time to do so, but in the future.  A plane flies gracefully across the game map or a very long game map, a player with a submachine gun is used, and a dropped package is dropped, but normal play does not occur normally. These packages are available in German and will allow interested players to enter their locks and open their doors.

The duration lasts for a full time and does not last until 30 minutes. Now you will be able to watch the game play and play the game. Mit der Währung können Kisten gekauft werden, die kosmetische Gegenstände zur Charakter- oder Waffenanpassung enthalten.  In March 2018 the game took place in a rotierender “Ereignismodus” hinzugefügt. These are normal and normal games, z. B. the image of the biggest teams or trucks or the support of the Verteilung von Waffen et Rüstungen auf der Spielkarte

PC Requirment PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game

  • Requires a processor and a 64-bit exploitation system.
  • Exploitation system: Windows 10 64 bits.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300.
  • Mémoire: 8 Go de RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2 Go / AMD Radeon R7 370 2 Go.
  • DirectX: version 11.
  • Réseau: Connexion Internet haut débit.
  • Stockage: 40 Go d’espace de stockage available.


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Power is available to play PUBG on the basis of the game to explain the universe narrative. Dans ce cadre, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now discreetly renowned PUBG Battlegrounds ver July 2023 PUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC GamePart of 2020, Krafton published a series of documentaries in direct contact with Jonathan Frakes who explores the origins of the champions of the battlefield of the game.

Avant l’extension Taego du jeu in July 2021, Krafton a sorti an other court métrage en direct intitulé “Ground Zero” with Ma Dong-seok (aka Don Lee). Krafton announced a partnership with Adi Shankar in July 2021 to develop an animated series based on the PUBG universe. , Krafton created a new studio, Striking Distance, based on the direction of Glen Schofield, who directed the development of the Dead Space series.

In 2020, Schofield announced that the studio was working on The Callisto Protocol, and he will be in the universe of PUBG, but he will also be in the future in a penitentiary colony on the moon of Jupiter, Callisto.Krafton announced a new game in development called PUBG: New State. This game is distinct from PUBG: Battlegrounds can be found in the PUBG universe. The prescriptions for the game are available on  It is available on iOS and Android on November 11th.  The game is set in 2051 and is based on the future war.  On January 27, 2022, the name of the title is passed from “PUBg


Um Zu Feiern, Dass Das Spiel Mehr als Zwei MillionenPUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC  Mal Verkauft Wurde, Kündigte Bluehole 2017 Eine Charity Invitational-Veranstaltung an, Bei der 128 Spieler Eingeladen Wurden, über Ihren Offiellen Twitch-Kanal Genecenander anzutren, um Geld Foundation GedeCher Gedeachander anzutreten, um Geld Foundation Die-Gedeachander and ZumelElAnd Foundation ZUSUMELAGE AUSURAGE ANZUTRET n , Bluehole spent up to 100,000 US dollars.

The Wettbewerb fand Anfang May 2017 started and launched the match project with Blueholes 100,000-Dollar-Match, i.e. 120,000 US-Dollar one and a prototype for a zukünftige e-sport event for gaming. In August 2017, the Gamescom organization organized Bluehole and ESL for the first edition of PUBG with a prize of 350,000 US dollars. These are separate facilities for solo players, two-player teams, two-player teams with ego perspective repair, and Vier player players. Bei jeder Veranstaltung gab es trois Spiele, wobei der Spieler oder die Mannschaft sous allen trois genannten Gewinnern die höchste Punktzahl erzielte.

Greene says that the Battle Royale-Format is in the ARMA II module, like Zuschauersport, was designed to help you, PUBG to an E-Sport to machen, I have a page “kleiner Schritte” if. Greene sagte, dass sie den E-Sport first after the complete verification of the active games between them and all the major Fehler beseitigt seien.

The Gamescom 2017-Veranstaltung zeigte the Probleme im Zusammenhang mit der Logistik bei derchführung a big PUBG-Turniers mit a big Anzahl beteiligter Spieler, et ye mit ESL Zusammengearbeitet, un herauszufinden, wie die in ZukunftPUBG BATTLE ROYALE Download PC Game efficacious umgesetz t werden kann. Darüber hinaus gab Greene an, it is also once again, a format for the presentation of a PUBG game to be created, one for the pleasure interesting for machen, dessen Entwicklung seiner Meinung nach angelichts der Art des Gameplays aufkommenden im Vergleich zu established Ego-Shooter is now available in Anspruch nehmen würde and Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena-E-Sport-Spiele., Intel organized a tournament in Oakland with 20 teams and 80 games and a prize of 200,000 US dollars.

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